Chantal Menard

Artist & Portrait Model
Artist & Portrait Model

Chantal pictured with her piece, “The Pianist.” Photo by Steve Martinez.

Chantal Menard is a fine artist, who works in a variety of media. She has coined her work as “reliquary assemblage,” that which memorializes and honors her personal heroes, mentors and iconic figures. She utilizes found elements such as bone, hair, mirror and lace to tell a story. Each piece is a visual narrative, steeped in symbolism and metaphor, revealing a deeper mystery. Chantal was born in Pasadena, California and spent her teen years living up and down the West Coast. It was her time in Santa Cruz, CA and the Oregon Coast that piqued her creative curiosity. She and her sister would find forgotten objects in the barn in the back of their house. They would gather their rusty treasures and create shadow boxes and shrines incorporating their findings.

Chantal draws inspiration from an array of subject matter: religious iconography, mourning rituals, music, metaphysical phenomenon, magic and romantic poetry. Chantal Menard is considered to be a muse among some of today’s leading artists, and is a highly recognized subject matter.
Chantal Menard is also the founder and creator of  the jewelry line “Bone Amie,” unique, wearable works of art. Her work has been shown in galleries across the United States and Europe. Chantal Menard resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Chantal with Jambi

Chantal Menard pictured with “Jambi” by Sean Cheetham. Photo by Lily Feliciano.

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